Our Story old

Presenting to you.. US! :) <3

Now you know- who is designing, making, checking, packing and sending what you order! [and also making mistakes on the way, though we try our BEST not to :)]

Why Baar Baar Dekho?
The answer is the small DIYs at home and the crafty things we made. It is the fun we had while making it all, and Baar Baar Dekho, more than a business, is an effort to keep the fun alive forever :)
And so, having a brand that WE run, a website that WE operate, products that WE make from start to finish- its all very exciting and unbelievable at times (like wow! Fun fun me humne ye karlia :P) ! And its the messages that say "You have received a new order", that make everything so REAL!

Its only luck that we get to do what we love, and more for me, cause I get it do it with mummy! ❤❤❤
P.S. - The fact that you are here, and reading this today, makes us VERY happy (thaaaankyouu!)!!