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'What Really Matters'+ 'Hope.Dream.Love' COMBO!
'What Really Matters'+ 'Hope.Dream.Love' COMBO!
'What Really Matters'+ 'Hope.Dream.Love' COMBO!
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'What Really Matters'+ 'Hope.Dream.Love' COMBO!

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Stay motivated and make quick notes and drawings with this combo.

Ships within 5 days! :)

Combo includes:

1. 'What Really Matters' Calendar
2. Pocket notebook
3. Free vinyl stickers for your laptop :) Not 1, 2 or 3 but 9 ‘PRIORITIES’ vinyl stickers for your laptop and desks (its the first time we doing stickers! and realllly they're AMAZING!)  
4. HOPE bookmark 

 About the pocket notebook:

Product Details: 

  • 14.5 inches X 11 inches
  • 160 unruled sheets 
  • 300 GSM Matte cover
  • Wiro-bound

About the calendar:
A legend once said, "Jiyo, khush raho, muskuraao.. Kya pata, kal ho naa ho...

Mummy and I are here just to remind you of that.

Cause REALLY, all I've realised in the last year is that NOW matters, and we need to prioritise the right things and do them now! That's exactly what our 2022 calendar is about and we're sure you'll love it!

Some exciting things about the calendar this year:
1. Its vertical (ya, I know you can see that :P) But! Because it's vertical, it has a completely new layout! (which sister and I think is much nicer!)
2. I've illustrated more! So its more colourful, and colourful is always better
3. It has, not one, but lots of thought-provoking questions for you 
4. It calls out festivals too!

Note: The legend is SRK (just in case!)